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CLOSE. (1992), 118784. LK14,1, 17653639, Hofmann, Rainer weiter zu mybigpoint. CLOSE. (1998).

Bertholdt and reiner

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Esta pagina es para todos los que les guste esta pareja de Guerreros Reiner x Bertholdt Gracias por visitar la pagina <3 See a recent post on Tumblr from @backdoorbertl about reibert. Discover more posts about reiner braun, bertholdt hoover, attack on titan, snk, aot, shingeki no kyojin, and reibert. As we all know, Bertholdt x Reiner is a relatively popular ship within the SnK fandom, partly because the two of them were alone in the wild for a very lengthy period of time and were always partners in crime and basically inseparable from each other. Reiner and Porco stood on the dock watching their friends' silhouettes fade into the distance, Bertholdt, Marcel, Annie and Pieck had gone off to retrieve the founding titan from the island devils, and who knew how long it would be before they come back. We know the short story of Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie’s true objective: to obtain the coordinate and kill all humans within the walls, although it seems that they no longer want or need to do the latter. Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie all seem very morally ambiguous: they kill many people, but they have shown great care for people as well.

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I'm glad we have such complex antagonists, their story really emphasizes that both sides are just victims of a bigger system. Reiner, Bertholdt, And Annie (Warriors) Lyrics: A warrior, am I insane in my mind? / Or soldier on, am I insane in my mind?

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Now that Eren is about to attack Marley, he is basically doing the same as the 3 did. After Ymir sacrificed herself, Reiner and Bertholdt had to wait on top of Wall Maria for Eren to show up. This time spent together will allow them to get closer. But even together, Bertholdt will have to face his demons alone. This is in 3rd person, but it's from Bertholdt's POV.

Bertholdt and reiner

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Bertholdt and reiner


Det finns en hel del uppenbar rasism i nationen Marley, särskilt gentemot  I Junior High spinoff avsnitt 8 finns det scener där Reiner och Bertholdt klättrar upp i trappan i skolan oändligt.
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Ever since they arrived at Paradis, he always put his faith in Reiner and didn't usually speak unless he needed to.

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Bertholdt - David Matranga Annie - Lauren Landa Sasha - Ashly Burch Conny - Clifford Chapin Christa - Bryn Apprill Bertholdt And Reiner Reveal Song. Operatørlåskode Iphone.

He finally reached the ramp and soared over it. "Awesome!" he shouted before landing on Bertholdt's leg. "OWWWWWW HOLY COW!!!!" the brunette boy screamed, his face now red and tears streaming down his face.